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February 7, 2023
Tarang Jha
Project Manager

Application Development Outsourcing: A Step-by-Step Guide [2023]

As the market for mobile apps grows, so does the demand for companies that can build those apps efficiently and on time.

To meet this demand, specialized companies are outsourcing their mobile app development to specialists in countries with lower costs of living and labor.

Application Development has become a popular way for businesses to reduce costs and meet business objectives. It is the most outsourced service, with 37% of organizations looking to increase the tasks they outsource, according to Statista.

This guide will help you understand everything you need to know about application development outsourcing, including how it works, the benefits of outsourcing your app development, and tips to make sure your project is successful.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Mobile App Development Outsourcing?
  2. Outsourcing vs. In-House Mobile App Development
  3. How to Outsource App Development
  4. Why You Should Outsource App Development
  5. How to Outsource App Development Company For Your Project
  6. Evaluating Application Development Outsourcing Providers
  7. Application Development Outsourcing Takeaways

What is Mobile App Development Outsourcing?

Mobile application development outsourcing is a business practice where a company hires a firm to take care of all the technical aspects of building an app for them.

Additionally, it's when a company has a project that requires a specialized development team, but they don't have those skills in-house.

Companies looking to hire an app development partner search for agencies that can help with their project and outsource their mobile app development capabilities

But before outsourcing your mobile app development, you need to understand what this process entails and if it's right for your business.

Now ask yourself: does your business need to outsource or hire an in-house talent to develop your mobile app? Take a look at these pros and cons.

Outsourcing vs. In-House Mobile App Development

When you’re looking to build an app, you have two main options when it comes to getting the job done – you can either hire in-house developers or outsource app development to an agency or freelancer.

If your budget is tight and/or your team isn’t very large, then outsourcing may be a better option. However, if you have plenty of resources within your company or if you have the capital available, then devote to hiring an in-house team.

It all depends on what kind of timeline and budget constraints you have set out for yourself and how much control over the process of building an app matters to you.

If you want to create a mobile app, but don’t know where to start, it may be a good idea to outsource your project. This can save time and money while allowing you to focus more on improving the overall user experience of your product.

Here are more benefits you can enjoy when you outsource your mobile application development.

How to Outsource App Development

You have to be clear on what you want the end product to be before you start your search. This means that you must have a plan and vision in place before looking for any kind of help. Your goals should be clearly defined, as well as your expectations from the project.

Once this is done, it's time to make a list of features that are important for the project and how they will contribute to its success or failure. The list should include things like user stories, user journeys, data flows and other important parts of the app's functionality over time (such as payment gateways).

Think about how these features should work together to create an excellent experience for users - think about context-awareness and how it fits into this equation!

Next up: defining budget requirements.

As soon as possible after zeroing in on what exactly needs doing with regards to coding/designing etc., then determine whether or not there are enough funds available within existing budgets/funding streams at don't want any surprises later down line when bills start coming due.

The first thing to keep in mind when you’re outsourcing mobile app development is to think strategically about what to outsource and what to keep in-house.

For example, you may want to consider offloading non-essential development tasks such as creating an icon or marketing assets if you don’t have in-house resources who can make those things happen.

On the other hand, deploying a big component of your app could result in higher costs and poor results since a company will be working on it instead of focusing on their strengths.

To get started, here’s a quick evaluation you can use.

Why You Should Outsource App Development

Mobile app development outsourcing allows you to create quality mobile apps without investing time and resources into training in-house developers.

With this strategy, your app is designed by a team of experienced mobile app development companies. You'll have access to a variety of expert skills that could otherwise be out of reach for most small businesses or individuals.

Outsourcing mobile application development is also more cost-effective. One of the main advantages is that it's much cheaper than hiring an in-house team.

Another benefit to outsourcing mobile application is its flexibility and scalability—you can get started with a small project, then scale up as needed at any point in the future without needing to recruit and train new employees yourself (or even switch back if something goes wrong).

This makes mobile application development outsourcing an ideal choice for both startups and established businesses looking for additional support on their projects or simply wanting more resources on hand for when things get busy again (such as around holidays).

Now, let’s delve deeper into the benefits you can enjoy from outsourcing application development:


If you have a limited budget, deploying your mobile application development will allow you to focus on your core business. This means that you don’t need to spend money on hiring skilled developers and can outsource it instead. According to Deloitte, cost-cutting is a top outsourcing trend as many industry players attest to this benefit.

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